PrestDaycare is a digital toolbox that makes child care simpler, more efficient and more communicative. It has been developed together with teachers, pre-school staff, managers and parents, and is available through the commonplace platforms web, tablets and smartphones. Streamline and simplify the daily administrative and pedagogical workflow at the pre-school and simultaneously improve quality in communication with both parents and staff. PrestoDaycare provides you with the right conditions to work proactively.

PrestoDaycare´s dedication to communication, simplicity and efficiency ensures benefits for children, parents, staff and management.

Some of the main PrestoDaycare features accessible through web browsers, as well as tablet and smartphone apps, are as follows:

  • Check-in and Check-out of children (and staff)
  • Activity notifications and ”share with parent option” (individual and group)
  • Schedule management (children/staff) with auto deviation warnings
  • Calendar, happenings, birthdays, absence reporting, vacation and more
  • Child Portfolio (pedagogical interface)
  • Individual and group communication with parents (through email, app, or text messaging)
  • Goal fulfilment, Benchmarking and Target compliance
  • Equal opportunity tracking
  • Multi language support
  • Performance management, statistics and reports