With Presto 1 + 1 = 1. In a good way.

Do two things at the same time without even thinking about it. Presto allows child care providers to both document and communicate in one go, in one single effort. Capturing a photo showing a development step of a four-year-old is instantly stored in the child’s portfolio, and is at the very same time also communicated to the child’s proud parents.

More is achieved, with less work, all while providing improved service to parents.

You care for children, not computers.

With a very few and very simple steps you will have Presto up and running. And we really mean ‘you’ – chances are that you will get started without a computer engineer in sight. No need for you to worry about servers, backups, security, configurations or maintenance.

We take care about the techie stuff. You care for the children.

If you don’t want change, look no further than Presto.

Presto leaves caring to you, the professionals. Presto does not interfere with how to run a child care operation; there are no requirements on curriculums, no guidelines on number of children per group, or no other way of trying to tell anyone what to do. Cultivate your already successful concept, don’t change it.

With Presto you simplify the ways you work without changing the way you work.

How a tool should be. Amazingly simple.

Designed from the ground up to be extremely intuitive, Presto is very easy to use. Some would say it’s as easy as child’s play. Among the many experienced child care professionals who take aid from Presto some do not want to use a computer, yet they happily use Presto in their daily work.

Things that are complex are not useful. Things that are useful are simple.

Child care is a business of trust. Be personal.

Let’s face it, while technology has its uses, it just cannot replace meeting face to face. The brief daily encounters of drop-off and pick-up are opportunities for building trust between child care staff and parents. Make these occasions count. Use the automatically prepared summary in Presto to recap the day’s events to a parent. Mention that high wooden block tower, an excursion, and how that little bruise on the knee came about.

Presto helps you show how much you care.

Work smarter, not harder.

Consider one child, and a teacher. When caring for the child, more or less any approach would do the job. However, if it was not only one child, but one hundred, a structured and quality assured approach would triumph in speed, effort and safety of the task.

Presto has this sharp winning approach.